Gravity 180  (The Movie)

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   "Gravity 180" (the film) is a music documentary that showcases the history and contribution of its extraordinary band to the music industry.  It was filmed, directed, edited and co-produced by Len Rosen.   


    Gravity 180 is made up of three esteemed and extremely talented singers and musicians.  They are:  Clydene Jackson, Oliver C. Brown and Harold Payne.  The film had also featured Nils, who is currently the number one smooth jazz artist in the country; and Eddie Brown of the famed 1960's folk duo Joe and Eddie.


    For this third and most recent film, Len interviewed and created several music videos for the band.  The film is a true innovation of music as Gravity 180 bandmember Oliver C. Brown had described as, "A delightful listen back to the future."


    In addition, this third film marked Rosen's second film to win an award after being screened once again in Monaco at the 2012 Monaco Charity Film Festival.

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Len Rosen

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        Len Rosen is a two-time award-winning filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario (Canada).  Filmmaking has been a part of his life as long as he could remember. 


        "At the age of 9, I was helping my dad film animated shorts on his super 8 film camera."
        Len would then eventually purchase his first video camera. The rest, as they say was history. Rosen's first film was called, "Forgotten Faces".  This film was a documentary on the homeless who live on the streets of Toronto, Canada.  It was screened at the 2009 Monaco Charity Film Festival (official selection). 


         "I was thrilled to attend this festival and to meet so many other talented filmmakers as well."


         Rosen's second film was the 2011 award-winning film titled, "Fallen Leaves, Golden Sky".  It told the story of a little girl who had left home after the sudden death of her mother and later grandfather.  This very unique narrative had no dialogue.  It played entirely by facial expressions and physical gestures.  It was filmed in China with completely unknown actors/actresses.  The film had won the AWARD FOR BESTSCREENPLAY at the 2011 Monaco Charity Film Festival.


          Rosen is currently working on several short comedy features starring himself (yes he can act as well)!  Soon to be produced, these shorts will feature Len Rosen playing a lovable loner who struggles with trivial and bothersome day-to-day occurrences.  These shorts will also be filmed, edited and directed by Rosen himself. 


          Rosen also continues to work and collaborate with the music group Gravity 180, Eddie Brown and smooth jazz guitarist Nils.


Len can be reached via his website at:

Gravity 180