Harold Payne

         Harold Payne is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter and performer.  He has performed anywhere and everywhere from large concerts to private gatherings.  He has well over 100 recordings by artists such as Peter Paul & Mary, Patti LaBelle and Snoop Dog just to name a few.  He also works extensively with his long time friend and collaborator Bobby Womack. 


         Without a doubt however, Harold Payne is best known for his amazing song improvisations.  He'll ask his audience to give him a situation or a name of a person or just about anything off the cuff and right before their eyes will create an original song for them.  He did this during his interview for the film, "Gravity 180" and there was absolutely NO second take! 


          Besides performing locally, Harold has spent years traveling the globe while writing and sharing his beautiful words and melodies with whoever was lucky enough to cros his path along the way.  He has performed concerts in such places as India, Cuba, Japan, Indonesia and Russia.  He has spread his poetic verses and outstanding voice literally across nations and the globe.  Along the way, he has opened for acts like Van Morrison, Kenny Loggins and the late and surely missed Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo`ole.


          Harold continues to perform regularly in all types of venues both solo and with Gravity 180.


          To visit Harold's website at Affinity Records, please click on the link below:




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