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       Gravity 180 (the album) is the most recent self-titled album by the award-winning music group of the same name.


       Winner of two JPF Awards (Best Smooth Jazz CD & Best Vocals by a Group in all Categories respectively), the album was produced by Eddie Brown and Nils.  The album was truly a labor of love and as Eddie Brown had described it as "having not one corporate fingerprint on it."  In fact, the bulk of the album was financed by Eddie Brown himself who used money left to him by his parents from an ineritance after they had passed away.  Many artists came and chipped in their time and efforts, many times on a favor basis because of their belief and attraction to the wonderful music on the record.  It brings to mind another phrase that Eddie uses to describe the album when he says that it was "truly a record of the people."


The beautiful album cover was painted by Synthia Saint James.  She had attended a Gravity 180 concert and was so inspired and blown away by the group and their performance, that she immediately began work on the painting that you see on the record cover.  For more information on Synthia and her work, please visit her website at:  


       The Gravity 180 album contains all original music and every song is a completely different flavor and song style from the next one.  There is something in the album for everyone.  One of the songs you are hearing being played on this website is called, "Standing On The Shoulders" and it is from this newest Gravity 180 album.


       The album can be purchased online through Gravity 180's main website or this website.  Please check back for details in the coming weeks. 


*The album will be available online soon. Please check the online store for details.*



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          Nils is a musician, sound engineer, record producer and currently the #1 smooth jazz artist in the country.  His smash hit "Pacific Coast Highway" had not only reached the #1 spot on the billboard charts, but had been voted the "Most played smooth jazz song on US and Canadian radio since the year 2000."  This fact had also named "Pacific Coast Highway" in 2005 as being named "song of the year" and "song of the decade" respectively.


          In 2010, Nils was nominated for Best Guitarist at The American Smooth Jazz Awars.


          Along with "Pacific Coast Highway", Nils' 2011 release of his album "What The Funk?" had seen one of its songs, "Jump Start" reach the #1 spot on the Billboard for 8 weeks!  This in turn gained its title of being Billboard's song of the year, while achieving the most airplay of any smooth jazz song for 2011.  In addition, his single "Shake It" had also made it into the Billboard's top 10.


          Nils is also a highly in-demand guitar instructor.  He has even released a book titled, "How To Make Your Guitar Talk."     


          Nils had joined Gravity 180 while acting as sound engineer and co-producer (along with Eddie Brown) for their most recent self-titled album, "Gravity 180".  After first producing Gravity 180's single, "Vamos A La Playa", Nils was called upon once again to finish the entire album that would become Gravity 180's self-titled newest release. 


           Nils continues to collaborate with Gravity 180 as well as merge his band with theirs for many live performances and in-studio recordings.


           Nils has a new album that is set to be relased soon.  More news to follow.


           To learn more about Nils, please visit his website at:

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Eddie Brown

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          Eddie Brown is a singer, songwriter and record producer.  He is most widely known as being half of the 1960's folk duo named "Joe and Eddie". 


          Since persuing a solo career after the passing of his singing partner Joe Gilbert, Eddie has been actively involved in songwriting and working with many industry giants like Quincy Jones.  In fact, he remembers vividly being present with Quincy during the recording and mixing of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album in the early 1980's.


           Eddie has known the members of Gravity 180 for more than 30 years.  In fact, one of the members, Oliver C. Brown is his younger brother. 


           Eddie (along with Nils) had produced the latest self-titled Gravity 180 album.  He even helped to finance the record from an inheritance left by his parents after their passing.  The album was truly a labor of love for Eddie and the rest of the group. 


           Eddie continues to produce and work with Gravity 180 and NIls on upcoming and future projects.  He had also co-produced Nils' "What The Funk?" album.  In fact, when you hear the title song, "What The Funk?", you can hear Eddie say, "What The Funk?" during the chorus of the song.  Eddie also provided a lot of the background vocals for Gravity 180's latest album.

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